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My Signature 3-Step Coaching Programme is focused on an unconditional acceptance of who you are.

Being true to yourself is key to unlocking a joyful and fulfilled life.
Like a bird taking its first flight, there are steps you have to take to get there, but once you are soaring through the air, you will be unstoppable.  


My Approach

Unlike other life coaches, I don’t perceive goal setting as the most effective solution.
Goals are often based on social pressure and expectation, so once achieved, you do not feel fulfilled. That is because the real YOU is missing in action.

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Before any goals,

We will take a step back to learn and understand who you are and what you want. One you come to set up your goals at the final stage, they will be true to you because you are fully aligned. Every step from then on will be meaningful, easy and fun.


 Step 1 - Empowerment

A time for reflection and self-analysis, the first stage is all about exploring what has happened so far in your story. The process of looking back will empower you, and empowerment is a strong tool for changing your life.

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You will:

Accept and be proud of your unique talents and strengths

Realize your successes

Acknowledge and appreciate challenges

Learn from mistakes

Uncover recurring patterns and limiting beliefs

Reconnect to your playful side and your dreams

Embrace the past without regrets


 Step 2 - Alignment

Once you reach a state of empowerment, we will start to question and rediscover the real you. Acceptance of your past self helps you to connect to who you are now, and we will work together to push through anything standing in your way. Your true identity has been there all along, and once you unearth her, alignment will come naturally.

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You will:

Get clear on your vision and who you want to be

Define your core values and priorities

Uncover your meaning in life and core purpose

Acknowledge and accept your inner gremlin

Peel off every single self-imposed layer of limitations, insecurities, fears or doubts

Release resistance and get secure in who you are


 Step 3 - Freedom

Once you know who you are, it’s about being who you are. For the final stage, we will look at all you’ve learnt so far and take the first steps towards becoming a new and more fulfilled version of yourself.

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You will

Have a clear action plan to implement straight away

Be yourself and show the world the REAL you

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in
— Isaac Asimov

 Lifelong change starts with mindset.

Once you’ve worked on your inner self, the world around you will transform.

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