I loved working with Irina, what a beautiful time together we had.

I don’t remember last time I experienced so many different emotions during 3 months of the Adored programme: I laughed, I was very emotional when we were discussing my insectaries and fears and letting them go (this is the hardest but the most rewarding part of the whole transformation), I was angry, upset but all in all, after the Adored, I felt FREE. Free of any patterns and fears that were holding me back, free of social pressure, free to be who I was no mater what. Irina’s style is very unique, because she always gives different assignments to complete at home which make you think and learn and go even deeper at your own time. She also records all the sessions and I found it very valuable to listen the recording after, so many amazing insights.

She challenged me and never gave-up on me even when I thought I was completely lost. Irina’s feeding me back what I was saying myself ( using my own words) helped me to realize things which I wasn’t aware before and I didn’t know they existed in my life. This helped to re-valuate my current standing in my professional and personal life and become motivated and inspired to progress and create the life I want.

I now feel empowered, aligned with who I am and free to be who I am, I love my love and myself and I am….in LOVE,  which is exactly what is Irina’s Adored programme is all about. I learnt how to slow down, how to listen and hear myself, how to distinguish my intuition from fears and how to choose life based on what I deserve, not based on what others thought was the best for me. Amazing experience! Amazing programme!

Absolutely amazing Irina, you are the best…

Visuable Team