Irina’s signature programme transformed my whole life for good.

The results were even better than I imagined before we started.
The programme is very well-structured and I felt like I was on a beautiful journey with someone I trusted from the very 1st session. Each stage is very different but very important and deep. After the first 1st month I felt very empowered and motivated to go further and got my dreams back, self-esteem and confidence in my abilities. Then the 2nd stage is all about re-connecting to your true self.

I must admit this was a bit scary at the beginning,
as I really did no know if I would be happy with what I discovered.

With Irina’s by my side “holding my hand” along this journey, this was the most beautiful and rewarding journey for me. I realized that I was living an “artificial life” imposed by my family and cultural background, by social norms I was trying to “fit in” all this time. I was scared to ask for what I deserved as I was so insecure and vulnerable to other’s people opinion, that I preferred to just say nothing. My marriage did not make me happy at all but I was there because I did not know the other way. At my work I was successful but I was feeling less and less satisfied every day.

By understanding myself better and uncovering my core values, priorities and life purpose, I started making different life’s choice. I left my ex-husband, I changed my job (the same company but different department), I started living my life in full, doing things I loved. I met a great guy just 6 months after who gave me the love and respect I did not know before. And I know this is not just pure luck, this is me taking charge of my life, taking responsibility for my life and choosing happiness over imposed “artificial” life.

And when I did –all has changed, life is beautiful and full of surprises…!

The biggest advice I would give to all the successful ladies from corporate
- invest in yourself, this is the best investment you could ever make!