Sarah, CFO


Irina’s Adored Programme was above all my expectations!

My main concern was that it would not work (yes, I was very skeptical) and that I didn’t have much time to really benefit from it. I was wrong. The Adored is specifically designed for busy career/business women like I was, very well-structured, logical and effective.

We connected really well with Irina from the very beginning. She is such an inspiration and a living proof that you can have it all –success, happiness, purpose and love. Her love story is very beautiful and inspiring. When you see her and her husband together, you start believing in love again. I was always worried that I intimidate men with my success, wealth and independence. Irina proved me wrong.

We worked together through my mindset and how to switch gears to what she calls a “love mindset” which was quite challenging for me I must admit. But once you get there, there is no way back. I am such a different person now. I discovered a softer part of me I forgot I had, guess I had to let it go to climb to the top of my company.  

Everybody around me say that I has changed and they all wonder what happened to me, I just smile back and say nothing…) And finally…I met an incredible men who is loving, strong, ambitious and successful, who is an equal partner, who contributes financially and emotionally (it was very important to me!) and who showed me what love is. Can’t believe I am even writing such sentimental lines.

Big thank you, Irina! You are simply the best!

Visuable Team