Natalie, Managing Director  


I can’t thank Irina and her Adored programme enough for my whole life’s transformation!

I used to be a tough woman and gave Irina a hard time when we started working together, asking her challenging questions and trying to control everything. But Irina is from a similar background and thus she knows how exactly handle any challenge that comes her way. I admired her “strong inside –soft outside” approach to life and love, her joyful nature and zest for life!

With time, I realized that I was treating all men like my employees, hence, all the disappointments in love. I started all relationships with the “fixed “mindset that all good men were gone and this was just a temporary thing…and of course I proved myself right.

To be honest, the Adored was not an easy programme for me as it requires you to go out of your comfort zone quite often.

I think for all high-achieving and strong women being vulnerable and emotional is not an easy thing to do, for me it was extremely difficult. The concept of the “love mindset” was alien to me at first but when I got it –I could not believe how much it changed my life, especially my love life.

Amazing programme, inspiring Irina, highly recommended!

Visuable Team