Chloe, CEO


When I met Irina, I was not at my best state: the only thing that was going well was my professional life. All other areas were quite disappointing, especially love life.

My life became so monotonous and routine, it seemed like nothing really excited me any longer - my luxurious flat, my old friendships, an upcoming trip to Bora Bora , nothing...all seemed boring, not exciting, depressing....

Thus, when I first met Irina at the conference, she “annoyed” me with her zest for life, smiley face, her energy and excitement about small things...if not at the conference which was only for senior executives, I would never even talk to her. Despite her “softness” on the outside, when she asked me that one question that has changed my life forever, I realised that she was only “soft” outside, inside she was a strong, authentic woman, who knew what she wanted, knew her values and had well-defined boundaries, in front of me was an absolutely inspirational woman in love with her life, herself and her husband. She annoyed me because I did not have what she had...

The question she asked me after hearing my negative, sceptical comments about my life, men, love was:

“Do you understand that you are the only one who is responsible for having such a boring life and only you can change it when you want?”

Hearing from someone that I was not good at something (my life...!), was quite painful. But first time in my life, I had a hope and a strong belief that I can start fresh, I can have a “delicious life”(Irina loves this expression) full of fun, excitement and love. She introduced me to her “Adored” programme and I was all in - I took a week off work and we dived in (super intensive version of “Adored” was best for me!). I can’t describe enough my gratitude for meeting Irina. I now truly believe that the teacher comes when you are ready. “Adored” is quite a challenging programme, not because it’s complicated but because it requires to become quite vulnerable and emotional which something I was avoiding for years (it helped me to succeed in my career).

I was surprised how well-structure “Adored” was - it takes you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, in a logical, effective and smooth way. I am now a different person. The beauty of “Adored” is that after completing it, there is no way back. My mindset has changed, I can’t even think negatively anymore, I just can’ life is now so fulfilling, so meaningful (after discovering my life purpose), so exciting. Sometimes I feel like I am again a little girl  full of energy, joy, playfulness. I was not specifically looking for a romantic partner, as gave up on that a while ago, but without me doing anything, I started to meet amazing guys everywhere -seriously, without much effort. It was not too long after I met my Chris, who adores me every single day of our delicious life together:-)

And the reason why I wrote such a detailed testimonial, as I want all successful, strong, independent women who lost their zest for life, get inspired by my story and start making changes today, before it’s too late. My other girlfriends has completed “Adored” by now too and we can’t thank Irina enough for changing our lives and empowering us to experience love at all levels...

Irina, big thank you! You are the best! We love you

Visuable Team