Anna, CEO 


Joining Irina’s Adored programme was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

My whole life has changed.

After managing a big company for over 20 years I was successful, but felt lonely, exhausted, and purposeless. I forgot the last time I had a proper laugh or spent time on me. My love life was a total disaster.

To be honest, when a friend recommended the programme, I was sceptical. I was sick and tired of the wasted time on dating, being with the wrong men, and all of the disappointments in love. But, the pre-enrollment call with Irina made me decide to go for it without thinking twice. I loved her natural joyfulness and positive attitude!

Irina was like my fairy-godmother who gave me back the ability to dream and believe in these dreams … and I am well above 50. After the programme, I felt liberated, open to new adventures, full of life and joy, empowered, happy and in love. I met an amazing man who adores and cherishes me every single day!

I strongly recommend Adored to all high-achieving, ambitious and driven women who have been focusing on their success for a while and lost the joyful and playful part of themselves. Renew your zest for life, sense of purpose and finally meet the incredible man of their dreams.

Trust me, this will be the best journey of your life - coming back to yourself and moving towards an incredible, loving, deep and intimate relationship you could not even dream about.

Visuable Team