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I’m Irina,

I’m an alignment coach for successful, ambitious and high-achieving women in the corporate world. I help women reconnect to themselves and reach their full potential, so they can live a deeply satisfying and joyful life.

But why am I the right woman for the job?

Because I’ve already helped hundreds women around the world, myself included, go from totally lost, disconnected and overwhelmed by work to living a life in complete alignment with their values and owning who they are.

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My Story

For over a decade, I worked in a high-pressure sales environment and at first, I loved it. The enjoyment of working with passionate and driven clients was incredibly rewarding at the beginning, and I could relate to them a lot. They inspired me to work hard to achieve my dreams, which isn’t a bad ethic to have, and I truly believed if you worked for it, everything is possible. It wasn't until further down the line that I started to question who, or what, I was working for.

To the rest of the world it probably seemed I had it all, and I thought I did; a well paid job, a decent flat, lots of friends and extravagant holidays. It took me years to question whether this was really what I wanted. Tired of the constant stress, the pressure of delivering results, I realised something was missing. Always busy and on the go, I still didn’t know what that was, but I knew something had to change. I knew I wanted to find more joy, passion and meaning in my life, and stop chasing a never-ending finish line.

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It was at this point that I looked around and saw the true nature of the world I was working in. Numbers and profit driven, my bosses didn’t actually care about the client and their needs. Having worked with them for years, I knew my clients trusted me and I could sell them anything, but I still saw them as human beings, so this reality didn’t sit well with me. I knew deep down that my true values weren’t aligned with my work, and even though I loved the feeling of success, I wanted my success to reflect what I believed in.

Confused, exhausted and always in my head, all of my fears and anxieties multiplied when my husband left me. I started to work even harder to hide them, to prove to the world I was strong and independent, when really, I was crumbling inside. Success became even more important to me because it was an artificial way to mask the real truth of my situation. It was a way for me to lie to myself, to take the easier route into a state of self-denial.

Artificial and inauthentic, my life did not reflect who I truly was. As my wellbeing deteriorated to its lowest point, I felt like I was no longer choosing my life; my life was choosing me.

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The final, pivotal moment came when I was at an awards ceremony, receiving my annual award at work. Everyone was applauding, and as I made my way across the stage, I realized I didn’t want to be applauded for generating revenue in a bank; I wanted to be applauded for making a difference in the world. What was missing from my life was the real me, dreaming and believing that I could make a change. And that realisation felt more fulfilling than anything I’d experienced in my years of work.

Since that day, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that took me back to my true identity. I spent the following four years reading, learning and attending hundreds of self-development seminars. I went to training and spiritual retreats, qualified as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, and transformed my life in a way I never thought was possible.


I now live an abundantly joyful, authentic and fulfilling life. I am happily married, have a successful coaching business and most importantly, I do what I love; empowering successful women to reconnect to themselves and live life to the full. I am still successful, but my perspective on success has changed. A stillness resides in me, a contentment for all that I have, and as I continue forward with this peace of mind, I can’t wait to help women all over the world in making small but powerful changes to transform their lives and the world around them.

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Authenticity means letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we actually are.
— Brene Brown

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