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Hello, I’m Irina.

I’m a love coach for successful and high-achieving women who want to finally meet the right man and fall head-over-heels in love with all parts of their lives.

As a successful business woman myself (Senior Executive in a Tier 1 Bank), a certified life NLP coach and happily married woman, I will help you reconnect with who you truly are, your deepest desires and your life purpose. And, together we’ll remove your love blockers once and for also you can allow the love of your life in. With my help, you will stop destructive patterns, like overworking, staying too busy, and wasting your precious energy on the wrong men and relationships.

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I will help you to find and maintain love. You’ll go from single and frustrated, to feeling purposeful and in love. I will empower you to fall madly in love with yourself and your life so you can attract a quality partner to do the same–that’s the essence of my programme! I truly believe this is the fastest and most effective way.

My easy to apply, 3-step coaching method is proven not only by my personal experience, but by all of the successful women who have come to work with me over the years that have successfully found the love of their life!