Alignment Coach for Successful and Ambitious Women in Corporate

Empowerment. Alignment. Freedom. 


 Irina Sanchez de Lozada

Alignment Coach for
Successful Women


Have you lost sight of what makes you happy?


Sure, you used to feel excited and energetic in your personal and professional life; you loved your job, you worked hard to succeed, and everything was fun, easy and made you feel unstoppable. Right?

But then, the corporate world started to take its toll and you spiralled, without realising, into a life full of monotonous tasks and unsatisfying routines. Perhaps this has filtered into your life at home as well. Relationships may have fallen apart and you have a lack of inspiration or desire to do new things. Your energy is low you aren’t joyful anymore. Either way, something is missing, and you need it back again. You don’t want to live the rest of your life unsatisfied, waking up each day only to ask yourself “is this it?”

What if I told you there was a way to reconnect to that playful woman you used to be, and renew your zest for life?

What if I told you the thing you’ve been missing is YOU?

Yes, that’s right.

If you’ve been stuck in the rat race for too long and don’t know how to get out,
then I am here to help you connect to the real you and find joy again.

Say goodbye to negativity and self-doubt.

Say hello to purpose, fulfilment and the real YOU.

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Meet Irina.

Hi there, I am an Alignment coach for successful and ambitious women in corporate. My mission is to empower you to experience joy, fulfilment and peace of mind right where you are. After a decade of working in the target-driven environment and experiencing personal setbacks, I transformed my life to be in alignment with who I am and now I am on a mission to help other women like me achieve the same. If you’re a high-achieving woman, but feel like something is missing, then I will support you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery.

I’d rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special
— Julia Roberts in steel magnolias
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What if I told you success can be redefined in line with your values?


The corporate world can be an exciting place, but it comes with pressure. You might have chosen prestige over passion at the beginning, and now you don’t know anything else. It’s not the life you dreamt of, in fact, you hardly dream at all. Life has become artificial, meaningless, and you’ve lost sight of your true self. I’ve been there, I’ve felt it, and I can help you find your purpose again.  

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Only through an unconditional acceptance of who you are, will you experience eternal satisfaction. My unique approach to coaching is centred around self-discovery and alignment with your true values. Here’s what we are working towards…

A sunny state of mind, where all fears and insecurities have slipped away.
Complete contentment and a state of abundance; you never have to ask for more.
Peace of mind.
Your inner critic has vanished and you are at peace, just being, not doing.
The deepest feeling of satisfaction; you live in total alignment with your values.
Learning & Development.
You are always curious and keen to broaden your horizons.


 What if you could improve your life without necessarily turning your life upside down? 

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My simple and transformative 3-step Programme ‘Empowerment, Alignment and Freedom’ is a well-structured, fluid and fun coaching process completely tailored to you and your story. There won’t be any dramatic life changes, just enough to bring you back to who you are. Having already helped lots of women around the world renew their zest for life, my successful programme works with mindset to bring about change from within. Designed to set you up for a lifetime of joy and abundance, this is life coaching at its most effective; using the power of the inner self to transform the world around you.

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I truly believe you can have it ALL:
a successful career, loving relationship and a rich social life.

Once you know your purpose and core values, you are capable of aligning everything else to reflect them. Compromise doesn’t exist if you are truly owning who you are. The life of your dreams is possible, you just have make the decision to take control. Life wasn’t made to choose you, you were made to choose life.  

Do you want to reconnect to and reawaken the woman you were meant to be?

If yes, book a FREE discovery call with me today!