Success at Work. Success in Love.

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Irina Sanchez de Lozada

Love Coach for Successful Women


Feel adored and cherished by the right man who is loving, strong, ambitious and successful!


Release your fear that a love relationship will damage your career success–this belief is false!


Break free from old patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy in your love relationships.


Have more fun and share your successes and joys with a truly committed partner who loves you deeply.


You’re a successful business woman, you have a comfortable lifestyle, great friendships, fun hobbies and have traveled to beautiful places. On the outside your life appears fulfilling, but deep inside you know that an important ingredient to your happiness is missing -


You have rocked your professional life (congratulations!) and now you are ready to have an awesome love relationship too.


If you’re putting off having a love life because you are afraid it will damage your career, don’t!


Having a loving partner will help you succeed even more.

The energy that emanates from a woman who knows who she is, who is in love with life and herself is contagious! This joyful and playful feminine energy powerfully attracts the right quality man and more business success. Having the right man by your side will help you accomplish more at work than you thought was possible!


On a personal note,

Being in a loving partnership with my husband, Louis, helped me finally close the hardest deals that seemed impossible for years.

I’m sure you’re over that heady, lust thing, which gets in the way of a healthy and long-lasting love companionship. I can help you move beyond the toxic relationship patterns and the first dates that lead to nowhere!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone by your side, someone to chat with about your day and to share travel experiences with?


Perhaps you’ve always believed that you will simply stumble upon the love of your life!

I’m here to help you realize that you can’t keep putting off meeting the man of your dreams.


Right now you might be:

• Putting all of your energy into climbing the career ladder, never feeling successful enough.

• Finding excuses and blaming external circumstances for being single and unhappy.

• Letting your limiting beliefs, and your love blockers, about men, life and yourself control your destiny.

• Believing you will always be disappointed in love and that you should give up on meeting the right man and living the life of your dreams.


I believe you can have it all:

Success, Purpose, Happiness AND Love


Rediscover your true self, your passions and purpose again, and focus on how to allow the love of your dreams into your life in 12 weeks (or less).

With my proven 3-step signature coaching program ADORED, I’ve helped successful, strong, and independent women, like you, all over the world achieve success in love.


After completing Adored you will:

• Live the life of your dreams with a true love partner by your side.

• Remove whatever beliefs are blocking you from your true potential.

• Find and maintain love without compromising yourself and your success.

• Feel connected again to your passions and life purpose.

• Feel more playful and joyful, and have fun again.

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Hello, I’m Irina.

I’m a love coach for successful and high-achieving women who want to finally meet the right man and fall head-over-heels in love with all parts of their lives.

As a successful business woman myself (Senior Executive in a Tier 1 Bank), a certified life NLP coach and happily married woman, I will help you reconnect with who you truly are, your deepest desires and your life purpose. And, together we’ll remove your love blockers once and for also you can allow the love of your life in. With my help, you will stop destructive patterns, like overworking, staying too busy, and wasting your precious energy on the wrong men and relationships.

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I will help you to find and maintain love. You’ll go from single and frustrated, to feeling purposeful and in love. I will empower you to fall madly in love with yourself and your life so you can attract a quality partner to do the same–that’s the essence of my programme! I truly believe this is the fastest and most effective way.

My easy to apply, 3-step coaching method is proven not only by my personal experience, but by all of the successful women who have come to work with me over the years that have successfully found the love of their life!


Adored — The Exclusive VIP Coaching Programme

Rock your love life, like you rock your business.

A 3 Month (or 6 Week Intensive) Personalised, VIP Coaching Program for high-achieving, successful women.


I get it. You want more.

You are tired of feeling lonely and empty. You are tired of waiting for the right man to come into your life.

It is TIME to stop waiting. It is time to take your love life into your own hands, so you can finally share your life with a loving, attractive, and emotionally mature man!

I will help you short-cut your success in love. You don't have to learn your love lessons through trial and error. Because doing it alone is really hard work. You are already working hard to succeed in your career, you don't need to add even more overwhelm and stress into your life. You don't need to waste your precious time and energy only to get more and more disappointed. This vicious, emotional circle is costing you your DREAMS.


It is time to feel empowered and in control of your love life, maybe for the very first time in your life ... and I can help!




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