Hello! I’m Irina,

a love coach for successful and high-achieving women who desire a life filled with fun and adventure that they can share with the perfect-fit love partner. 

If you are ready to meet the man of your dreams and fall head-over-heels in love with all parts of your life, then let’s talk!  

Your story may seem completely different from mine.
However, I know parts of my story will sound quite familiar to yours.

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Once upon a time …

I struggled with my personal life, but on the outside I appeared to have it all: the great career, wealth and a successful husband.

All was not as it seemed: as I became more successful, quickly climbing the ladder at the corporation I worked at, my relationship with my husband became less passionate and intimate. My marriage was unraveling before my eyes and I felt hopeless. I was unhappy and had lost who I truly was: a vivacious, energetic and playful woman. Eventually, my husband cheated and left me for one of his colleagues. I felt broken. Devastated and lonely, I began to work even harder, focusing all of my energy on being more successful at work. I was trying to prove my worth and fill the void that my husband left behind.

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It seemed like I read every relationship and love self-help book on the market! Finally I began to take seminars and put myself on all the dating websites.

I began dating a few times a week and thought I had regained my sense of confidence and self-worth. It soon became clear that I was still trying to fill a void within myself. The destructive patterns I was repeating over and over were only perpetuating the problems I was attempting to escape. Nothing worked for me, and I began noticing the same men being attracted to me: these wrong men were emotionally unavailable, never ready, or the opposite, too aggressive. The more I tried, the less it all worked.

I was getting more and more exhausted and disappointed.

I was ready to give up.

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Here’s the truth:

• I spent all those years OVER working, stressed out, living in my head, being super busy.

• I became completely exhausted and disconnected from myself, my dreams, my passions, my feelings, the present moment, the joy and beauty around me.

• No matter how many dates I landed, I had very low confidence in love, felt insecure, needy and yearned for external validation. I needed other people to like me and accept me because I was terrified of judgment, criticism and rejection.

• I became obsessed with becoming what I thought the world wanted me to be. I tried to look perfect, be perfect and behave perfectly. I tried to fit into society and be like everyone else.

I completely lost myself along the way.


Can you see yourself in any of these destructive patterns of self-sabotage?

 Once I abandoned those old patterns, I realized that the only way to be with the right-for-me man was first and foremost to be in love with myself and my life. I started taking the correct actions with the right mindset, and I was able to explore and discover the real possibility of a loving, empowering, and passionate relationship.

And it worked!

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Today I share my life with my caring, respectful, supportive and loving husband, Louis, and we are working on creating our family.

It is a life that makes my soul sing with joy! It is a life that energizes me, that makes me feel creative and adventurous!

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On a personal note,

One of the most surprising bonuses of being with the man of my dreams was that I became even more successful after we started dating! I was able to close difficult deals that I struggled with for months, after Louis and I got together.

As a happily married, successful business woman myself (Senior Executive in a Tier 1 Bank), and a certified life coach, I've created a roadmap to help you make your own vision of love come to life, even if it seems totally impossible right now.

If you’re anything like me, and countless other women I have coached, you are trying to do all the wrong things to find the love you are craving.


Right now you might be:

• Putting all of your energy into climbing the career ladder, never feeling successful enough.

• Finding excuses and blaming external circumstances for being single and unhappy.

• Letting your limiting beliefs, and your love blockers, about men, life and yourself control your destiny.

• Believing you will always be disappointed in love and that you should give up on meeting the right man and living the life of your dreams.

I’ve coached dozens of women through the love blockers that were holding them back from having it all.


What if ...

You believed that it was possible to be in love with your life?

You could peel off layers of the limiting love blockers that are holding you back and reconnect to the real YOU?

You stopped caring what others think?

You could have fun and enjoy your life fully again?

You could regain the joy, energy, happiness and confidence you had as a little girl?


Here’s what I want you to realize right now:

• You have all the strength and wisdom to say,
“I am better than all of these limitations imposed by life and others. I know I can feel happier and I will!”

• Love and relationships are actually very easy and natural, because the only thing you need to do is to be yourself.

• You can rock your love life, like you rock your business.

• You can have it all.

I want to help you short-cut your success in love because you don’t need to learn your love lessons through trial and error like I did!


Doing it alone is really hard work.

Aren’t you already working hard enough to succeed in your career?
You don’t need to add more overwhelm and stress into your life.


Don’t waste your precious time and energy only to get more and more disappointed. This old mindset and way of being is costing you your DREAMS.


I want you to feel empowered and in control of your love life, maybe for the very first time. 

Let’s work together and set you on the path to true, lasting love and blissful fulfillment!

It’s right there in front of you. You just need a guide to show you how to reach it, step by step.